the seams EP

by Maggie Whitlock

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nick arne
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nick arne One of my favorite things I own on Bandcamp. I was so blown away by these songs. They are full of life and have such an incredible dreamy vibe. The songs will make you forget what about what time it is. Favorite track: san francisco.
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seam, n.
- the line formed by sewing together pieces of cloth, leather, or the like
- any line formed by abutting edges
- any linear indentation or mark, as a wrinkle or scar


released April 28, 2017

art work - Ellie Jackson

drums - Ben DeUrso
bass & guitar - Michael Orent
vocals, guitar & songwriting - Maggie Whitlock

audio engineer - Paul Kouris

special thank you to Nick Smith (assistant engineer) and Craig Short, Haley Kuhlmann, and Rachel Lipson (wonderful eits)! also thank you always to Phillip Imkamp for being the best project manager and of course Green Line Records for making this all possible xx



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Maggie Whitlock Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: mirasierra
i stumbled through, year after distance
i stumbled through, and love was persistent
i know i grew, i swell with the current
but you loved me first, and i was indifferent

and don't you go back to spain without me
i deserve a better ending surely
how's it feel to leave me from your story
i was a little broken but you were the one who loved me

and i was immune, to anyone trying to love me
i'm just like you, and that's how i think you found me
and just because you're in my songs don't mean that you own them
so don't come around after my show looking to sign some autographs

i was a little crossed a fine line
but you were an angel and saved me in time
and don't you go
Track Name: what were you saying
one glass, and i am an avalanche
one glass, and i need your arms around
and i'm not a drinker, but if you were i might be
and i think i have finally gone mad now
the thought of you and me still sings in the background

what were you saying with your friends when i left
and why do i care so much

i'm not running from it anymore
'cause i'm not tearing at the seams anymore
and i decided falling is far more fun than being in love
so why do i go standstill with anyone but you around

what were you saying, its better than being with me
Track Name: san francisco
so i went back inside and started thawing, you were watching the news
and i said turn that shit right off, i don't need anymore heartbreak in this room

but my fingers weren't the only thing that froze that day
so where'd you go, where'd you go

i was thinking to myself about san francisco and the car we'd have to buy
and you knew me so well you said "you worry about the soundtrack, and i'll worry about the drive"

but the plan for california wasn't the only thing lost that day
so where'd you go, where'd you go

sitting on the sofa
wanting all your own space
talking about some timed race
and it was all in your head
sitting on the sofa
wanting some new moments
talking about new heart songs
and it was all in your head
Track Name: just november
just november, with a little honey on the side
and silence, never killed anyone, love
and you got this nasty habit of always getting what you want
but you always had me feeling so high up

reflections i avoided for a long time
but now i've grown the balls to grow up
and if you question my ability
i'll put my fists right up to yours and i'll fight you to the ground just to show you who's in town
and you gotta stand tall
and step on your own shadow, love
and i think you confused the pieces of me and you
and that's what shook you up
Track Name: fold
i picture us on a canopy, but not the kind you find in rio
don't say her name again, i've got another end to this
and don't you linger the way you do, and make me feel bad for loving you
no i've no map for this

but i want a blanket of you
i could just fold up in your arms
and i don't know how and when i'll pay for this
i don't know why i do this to myself

i picture us and i fabricate, and just trust selective memory
and i can't escape you now, we've got the same trajectory
and i don't know what you see in me, so make it easy
tell me if you need me

how was i gonna know
you were all tied to gold
i had no time to grow
and you turned with the seasons,
you turned on me
Track Name: the museum
i went to the museum, wound up finding zetsu
i went looking for a feeling, and cried at scenes of the seine
i went to the museum, you were back at your place
leave me in this casket and don't pick up the phone

get off my wavelength, give me some headspace
don't be so kind to me, it makes it all hard to breathe
get off my wavelength, it's killing me for fucks sake
don't be so kind to me, it makes it all hard to breathe

i went to the museum, wound up in a headspin
blue eyes cracking canvas left me feeling sort of helpless
i went to the museum, didn't find no company
and i don't know if you're enough for me,
but windows keep me from any sleep

it makes it all hard to breathe